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Monthly rewind: VES, British Arrows, César Awards, For The Love of Games and more

February 29, 2024

As we wave goodbye to February, we reminisce on the month as the delivery of continued creative endeavors by our teams. February marks the peak of awards season within the Entertainment industry and we’re proud to play a role in this. With 37 awards nominations (and counting), we do not need excuses to celebrate! The month also marks Valentine’s Day – a day dedicated to celebrating love in its myriad forms, where we unveiled insights from some of the key players within the Games industry.

Keep reading to find out more about what we’ve been up to in the last month 👇


With two MPC Paris projects in the running, we are delighted to announce that Le Règne Animal (Animal Kingdom) was awarded a César Award for Best Visual Effects! A huge congratulations to Cyrille Bonjean, Bruno Sommier, Jean-Louis Autret and the entire MPC Paris team for this incredible recognition. To celebrate the win, and pay tribute to Georges Méliès, the pioneer of visual effects, Cyrille Bonjean made his speech disappear with a single fiery gesture on stage! Read more about the award win here.

Further congratulations are in order as MPC Paris’ L’Empire brings home a Silver Bear Jury Prize in the Official Selection at Berlinale.

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The Mill

The Mill takes home a further 9 award nominations this month, with special mention to Colorist Phil Hambi, who has personally been shortlisted for two of the awards. With winners announced in less than a month (March 21st), check out The Mill’s shortlisted projects 👇

British Arrows Awards

⭐ Animation 2D & Stop Motion: Eurostar ‘Together We Go Further’

⭐ Animation CGI: TK Maxx ‘Festive Farm’

⭐ Animation CGI: Marks & Spencers ‘Christmas Food’

⭐ Animation CGI: Mercedes-Benz X League of Legends ‘The Hunt for Glory’

⭐ Innovative Use of Realtime 3D: RNIB ‘Design for Every Gamer’

⭐ Innovative Use of Realtime 3D: Art Fund ‘National Art Pass’

⭐ VFX: Smirnoff ‘We Do Atomic’

⭐ Colour: Delta Air Lines ‘Kaleidoscope’ – Phil Hambi, The Mill Colorist

⭐ Colour: Burger King ‘Whopper Chicken Royale’ – Phil Hambi, The Mill Colorist

Smirnoff ‘We Do Atomic’

Super Bowl LVIII, the pinnacle event for advertisers in the world of marketing, took place this month and The Mill has once again took centre stage. Of the 12 Super Bowl-themed adverts, 3 spots ranked in USA Today’s Ad Meter results:

At #10 was Doritos ‘Dina & Mita’

At #8 was Budweiser ‘Old School Delivery’

And at #7 was BMW ‘Talkin’ like Walken’

Take a look at The Mill’s Super Bowl LVIII reel:

Super Bowl LVIII

As we conclude our latest digital event, Beyond CES: The Next Frontier in Advertising with The Mill’s 3D Billboards, we would like to extend our thanks to all The Mill speakers for their participation. In our two-part series, we delved into an array of discussions around the groundbreaking world of 3D billboards. We tackled their rising wave in demand, the ability to enhance storytelling through a transformed way of doing out-of-home advertising and what the future holds for the world of advertising. 

[Part 1] Beyond CES – The Next Frontier In Advertising with The Mill’s 3D Billboards
[Part 2] Beyond CES – The Next Frontier In Advertising with The Mill’s 3D Billboards

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Mikros Animation

On Friday 2nd February, we saw the release of Orion and The Dark. An animated film directed by Sean Charmatz with Animation support from Mikros Animation. For the first two weeks since its release, the title ranked 2nd in Netflix’s global most-watched films, totalling 22.7 million views! A clear demonstration of our team’s unwavering dedication and artistic skill that was applied to the project.

In other project news, The Tiger’s Apprentice is also now available to stream on Paramount+. Get a taste of the behind-the-scenes of the project in our latest Tiger Talks interviews where we met Christophe Barnouin – Technical Animation Supervisor and Achraf Ayadi – FX Supervisor.

Check out more news from the Mikros Animation team here.

Technicolor Games

Technicolor Games wowed us with their latest Gaming Reel, where they showcased work created for some of the world’s most creative developers such as EA (Electronic Arts), Capcom, Gameloft and more. Dive into the world of gaming below or check out Technicolor Games’ latest project release: Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth. The latest mainline game of the SEGA franchise, where our studio crafted facial animations for the English version of the game.

In celebration of the day of love, Valentine’s Day, we sat down with the Technicolor Games team and unveiled key insights from the likes of Paul Houlders – VP Global Head of Art, Hitesh Parmer – Senior Supervisor and more! For The Love Of Games, is a campaign dedicated to the love story written in code and artistry, which shapes the future of Games with every project. Read more from our Technicolor Games team.

Technicolor Creative Studios 2024 Valentine's Campaign on the love for the gaming industry

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