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February 14, 2024

A Valentine’s Day Ode to Technicolor Games’ Passion & Innovation 🎮 💘

On this Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating love in its myriad forms, we turn our spotlight to Technicolor Games. Here, at the heart of the gaming world, beats a passion for creativity and commitment that transcends the ordinary. Technicolor Games isn’t merely a participant in the gaming industry – it’s a love story written in code and artistry, shaping its future with every project. As we unveil the insights from some of the key players, we honour the deep, enduring love for gaming that inspires this dynamic team.  

Love Transforms: A Decade of Gaming Evolution  

Paul Houlders, VP Global Head of Art, reflects on the ever-changing gaming landscape. 

Much like love, gaming has evolved over the years. While our fundamental enjoyment of video games remains unchanged, the ways we interact with and perceive gaming have flourished, offering new, enriching experiences that echo the ever-evolving nature of love itself. 

A Romance with Creativity and Colour  

Hitesh Parmer, Senior Supervisor, on his 15 Years at Technicolor Games 

Over the past 15+ years with Technicolor Games, I’ve experienced a career akin to a love affair, contributing to some of the industry’s most beloved AAA games.  

This journey has been characterised by mutual growth and learning, akin to a partnership enriched by diverse work styles and team dynamics. Working on a myriad of projects with prestigious clients has added unique chapters to my professional story, each a testament to our shared passion for gaming.  

2015 marked a significant milestone, reminiscent of a first date that set the course for a lifelong relationship, as I led the character team to new industry heights. As gaming technology continues to evolve, I eagerly anticipate the future of this enduring romance, filled with continuous learning and adaptation.  

Innovation: The Heartbeat of Technicolor Games  

Devendra Kumar, Head of Studio India, on What Makes Technicolor Games Unique  

“In the realm of gaming, hearts beat as one, bonded by love for pixels and fun.” ❤️🕹️😊 

In the gaming world, where hearts beat in unison for the thrill of play, Technicolor Games stands out like a devoted lover. Our secret? A deep-rooted passion for Art Service, unparalleled expertise, and a dedicated team akin to a lifelong partner. Supported by the strength of Technicolor Creative Studios, we consistently exceed expectations, crafting games not just with skill, but with heart.  

Forecasting Love: Gaming Trends of 2024/2025 

Kasim Rehman, Business Development Manager and his Vision for the Future  

Looking ahead, like predicting the course of a love story, we anticipate trends like the Metaverse and streaming to shape our ongoing romance with gaming. Despite the industry’s challenges, our passion for creativity will continue to blossom.

AI: A New Love Interest in Gaming 

John Hegarty, VP Business Development Europe, on the role of AI in Gaming 

Generative AI, akin to a new love that’s exciting yet complex, brings fresh dynamics to the gaming industry. In the hands of skilled artists, it can lead to innovative creations. However, the true essence of gaming – the passion, the engagement, and the storytelling – remains a uniquely human affair. 

What’s Next for Technicolor Games? 

Carla Plowden Roberts, Digital & Content Executive, Shares Exciting Prospects for the Year 

In 2023, Technicolor Games experienced a blossoming year with new team members and successful projects. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day 2024, our goal is to nurture this growth by further expanding our team, enhancing our global presence, and embarking on more exciting projects. We’re not just creating games; we’re crafting experiences that resonate worldwide. Our journey to major gaming events like GDC symbolizes our commitment to helping developers bring their dream games to life. 

The Art of Gaming: A Creative Love Story  

Artistic insights from Vichar BN, Art Director

In the gaming industry, we find a unique canvas for artistic expression and innovation. Here, different art forms unite, like star-crossed lovers, to create immersive experiences. As artists, we pour our hearts into crafting characters and worlds that captivate players, akin to a painter expressing love through their art. The industry’s fusion of art, technology, and collaborative spirit makes it an enticing field for those driven by a passion for creativity and storytelling. 

This Valentine’s Day let’s celebrate Technicolor Games, where the love for gaming is the cornerstone of innovation and artistry. To the artists, the dreamers, the gamers – you are the beating heart of Technicolor Games. 


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