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Revolutionizing Futures: ‘Ozi Voice of the Forest’ and Technicolor India’s Dynamic CSR Impact 

December 13, 2023

Let’s dive into an enthralling blend of animation and social responsibility, highlighting the recent fireside chat with Mikros Animation‘s Sean Mullen and Stephane Daegalen on Ozi Voice of the Forest, and how it parallels Technicolor India’s impactful CSR initiatives

Catch up on our chat with Mikros Animation artists below 👇

Technicolor India: Fusing Art with Environmental and Social Missions 

Ozi Voice of the Forest isn’t just a story; it’s a beacon of environmental advocacy, echoing Technicolor India’s dedication to sustainability and community upliftment. The film’s imaginative storytelling aligns perfectly with our CSR commitments, particularly in our recent groundbreaking projects. 

Mid-Day Meal Program in Bengaluru with Akshaya Patra 

Our partnership with NGO Akshaya Patra is a shining example of our CSR success. The Mid-Day Meal Program in Bengaluru, delivering an impressive 10,35,460 meals in Hubli & Bangalore, reflects our deep commitment to nurturing the young minds of tomorrow. Each meal provided is not just sustenance; it’s an essential building block in empowering the youth, ensuring they have the energy and health necessary for learning and growth. 

Innovator Studio: Cultivating Young Minds 

In partnership with the Learning Links Foundation, we’ve transformed Government High School (GHS), Sarjapura, into a hub of innovation. The Innovator Studio, equipped with computers, 3D printers, VR, and IoT kits, empowers over 600 students in Grades 6-10 to become tomorrow’s innovators. Integrating these technologies into their weekly curriculum, we’re preparing them for future careers and shaping a new generation ready to excel in the 21st century. 

Innovator Lab in Rural Bengaluru with Care International 

Our collaboration with NGO Care International has ignited a wave of change in rural Bengaluru, establishing ‘Innovators’ Laboratories’ in six upper primary schools. These STEAM-focused labs are more than learning spaces; they’re incubators of creativity and problem-solving, with a special emphasis on empowering girls. Here, we’re cultivating young minds, to confidently dive into and excel in STEAM fields, laying a foundation for a future where every child reaches their full potential.

Storytelling: A Powerful Vehicle for CSR Initiatives 

Mirroring Ozi Voice of the Forest’s use of storytelling to deliver impactful environmental messages, Technicolor India harnesses the same narrative power in its CSR efforts. Our initiatives weave tales of empowerment, innovation, and sustainability, sparking a global movement for change and social responsibility. 

A Vision for Tomorrow: Technicolor India’s CSR Journey 

As we reflect on the fireside chat and our CSR journey, it’s clear that art and corporate social responsibility can create profound societal impact. Technicolor India, at this crossroads of creativity and responsibility, is committed to forging a sustainable, innovative future. Our initiatives in education, nutrition, and technology are just the beginning. 

These endeavours transcend mere initiatives; they’re a heartfelt journey towards a future filled with hope and equality. We take immense pride in our CSR efforts, fuelled by the belief that together, we’re shaping a world where art, technology, and a deep sense of responsibility unite, creating a legacy of positive impact for generations to come. 

Let’s continue to break new ground and inspire change, merging our artistic vision and collaborative strength to brighten the road ahead. 

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