Celebrating Pride 2022 

June 24, 2022

Technicolor Creative Studios is celebrating Pride month as an important opportunity to learn about and recognize LGBTQIA+ rights, encourage & celebrate diversity, and how we can contribute to creating a more inclusive society. 


Meet POLY – a 3D drag queen created by Senior Developer Jeff Wang and Designer Brian O’Donnell at The Mill. Learn more about POLY here

The Mill spoke to Production Coordinator, Siggy Chojnacki, and Facility Operations Manager, Paisley Mares, to hear what Pride means to them and what advice they would give to their younger selves. Find out more here and here


We were pleased to welcome Daniel Lismore to our London studio at MPC to give a talk on LGBTQ+, the history, the community today and also discuss his experience. Daniel Lismore is a London and Coventry based artist; Lismore has been a prominent fixture on the London fashion and art circuits and an activist for human rights and the environment for 20 years. Read more here

Check out the MPC Pride Cast to view a selection of curated playlists from books, to podcast, movies and beyond that celebrates and educates on the LGBTQIA+ community.  

Technicolor Creative Studios

Our Pride month festivities kicked off at Technicolor Creative Studios India with an informative webinar on ‘Beyond Gender Binaries’ hosted by our wellness partner, Silver Oak Health. We also launched an informational toolkit for our colleagues on why Pride is an integral part of our company culture. Celebrations continued throughout June with a Pride photo booth in the Bangalore studio. Employees showed their support of the cause with Pride pins. Photographs from the celebrations are attached below. 

Continue to celebrate Pride 2022 with us by streaming our TCS Pridelist which features a compilation of LGBTQIA+ artists and film soundtracks from a series of Technicolor Creative Studios projects. 

Find out more about People & Culture at Technicolor Creative Studios.

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