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Our Legacy is Our Future Series | Part 5: Technicolor Games

November 3, 2022

We’re proud to share the fifth installment of the Our Legacy is Our Future Series with our attention turning to Technicolor Games.

As of 27th September 2022, Technicolor Creative Studios became an independent, publicly traded company which is a major achievement for the business. We’re marking this milestone by releasing a series of insightful interviews & conversations with leading studio talent and industry experts, past and present. This 6-part YouTube series explores our rich legacy in Visual Effects, and the future of creative visual arts.

For 107 years Technicolor has remained at the forefront of creative technology in the entertainment industry through artistry, reputation and craft. Technicolor Games is born of this ever-evolving creative legacy and we work to inspire the world’s most creative games developers to have unlimited ideas. With our rich history in mind Technicolor Games is unlike any other studio offering full-service production across a single IP from in-game to Film, TV, Advertising, and Animation.

Devendra Kumar, Head of Production said “The games industry itself is unique, you have the freedom to explore, develop a character and really be part of the character”

With thanks to our speakers:

Christian Roberton, CEO Technicolor Creative Studios
Jeaneane Falkler, President
John Hegarty, Vice President of Business Development
Devendra Kumar, Head of Production
Vichar BN, Art Director

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