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Our Legacy is Our Future | Tom Williams, President of MPC 

August 15, 2022

We reached out to our senior leadership team across Technicolor Creative Studios on the projects that they think played a part on building our legacy, and why they are the key to our future. Here’s what President of MPC, Tom Williams had to say: 

MPC has such an incredible filmography of work it’s very hard to pick one.  We worked on all 8 Harry Potter movies which really put our film VFX work on the map, we created some stunning space environments for movies like Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and The Martian, we’ve helped bring the King of the Monsters back in Godzilla movies and we’re very proud to have help reimagine many of Disney’s classic films including The Jungle Book, Dumbo, Pinocchio and The Lion King. However, I’m going to pick a recent show which I think really highlights what MPC is known for, the talent of our VFX teams around the world and how the film and episodic industry is evolving. 

The Apple+ Prehistoric Planet series demonstrates how MPC always strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in VFX. Our artist’s attention to detail, the scrutiny they put into every shot and their dedication to creating photorealism is for me, what really differentiates our work. For the show we worked closely with the NHU (Natural History Unit) and it’s paleontologists, creating 95 dinosaurs and creatures and crafted some really jaw dropping scenes. MPC’s Adam Valdez, who won an Oscar as VFX Supervisor on The Jungle Book, took on a directorial role for Prehistoric Planet, using virtual camera and previs techniques he’d developed with MPC on major movies, to visualize the episodes he directed. And our VFX Supervisor, Elliot Newman oversaw the VFX team to craft what you see on screen.

The feedback from audiences, journalists, and the scientific community has been incredible, and we’re so proud of what we accomplished. Hearing that when Sir David Attenborough saw the finished shots, he said he felt like he was looking down a lens at real animals was just incredible. 

MPC started creating episodic content just two years ago in 2020, and Prehistoric Planet is one of the biggest projects we have undertaken. Still, it exemplifies exactly what we set out to do, which was to bring our phenomenal expertise in feature film VFX and the quality of work to the episodic industry. It was an epic achievement.

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