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Napoleon at the Academy Awards

March 11, 2024

We are thrilled to have seen our MPC team recognised with an Academy Award nomination for their work on Napoleon. A nomination of such calibre is a concrete example of our team’s relentless commitment and artistic ingenuity invested in the project. MPC are the people behind the effects in countless blockbusters like The Little Mermaid, Napoleon, Prehistoric Planet, Godzilla and Game of Thrones, crafting everything from lifelike fur to dynamic crowd scenes, to larger-than-life destruction sequences.

In their latest spectacle-filled action-packed project, Napoleon, the narrative delves into the origins and meteoric rise to power of the famed French military leader, exploring his story through the lens of his intense and tumultuous love affair with his wife, Josephine. Legendary French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, portrayed by Academy Award-winner Joaquin Phoenix and directed by the acclaimed Ridley Scott, presents a grand spectacle of cinema, capturing Bonaparte’s unyielding quest for supremacy.

Take a closer look at the VFX created by our MPC team in their latest project breakdown 👇

MPC – Napoleon VFX Breakdown

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