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#EmbraceEquity: Women’s Day Celebrations at Technicolor Creative Studios

March 13, 2023

At Technicolor Creative Studios, we are honoured to be part of the global community celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD). This year’s theme #EmbraceEquity emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing the unique challenges and experiences of women, calling attention to bias, challenging gender stereotypes, and seeking inclusion. 

Over the course of the week-long celebration, it was great to see so many women participate in various sessions, as well as activities that focused on wellness, wellbeing and weath creation. As part of our celebrations, we are also keen to highlight the stories of women at all our studios who are making significant contributions to India’s VFX and Animation industry.

Why You Should Give a Damn About PCOS!

Many women participated in an in-depth conversation, “Why You Should Give a Damn About PCOS?” about the all-pervasive disorder of PCOS. The session focused mainly on the causes of PCOS, as well as how it impacts women’s emotional and mental health in addition to physical symptoms and why it is so important to be aware of these symptoms and to seek treatment for them immediately.

Technicolor Women have a Heart to Heart!

Joined by hundreds of colleagues from both the studio and those working from home, Technicolor Creative Studios’ female workforce had a heart-to-heart conversation about women finding their way in the workplace, choosing a career in the arts, our own privileges as women in modern workplaces and our shortcomings in what is a very nuanced landscape. Women from across diverse age groups, experiences, skillsets and walks of life came together for an energetic and engaged discourse on their vision of a gender-equal world. With an aim of underscoring to our female colleagues that their voices deserved to be heard, the conversation served as a platform to put their voices front and centre. 

Led by Kranti Sarma, Senior Vice President- Creative Delivery & Production Operations, MPC, several women at various stages of their career shared their experiences and how, although gender equality is still far from being achieved, this day provides an opportunity to commemorate progress made and encourage further action towards a more just and equitable world.

Women’s Day Q&A with MPC India.

In the run up to Women’s Day, a series of polls was also organized by Technicolor which gave the audience the opportunity to ask the women at MPC India about their experiences and insights regarding the VFX/Animation industry. Through this experience, members of MPC India were able to share their perspectives on the oppurtunities and challenges facing women in this industry, and how careers in VFX and Animation can foster creativity, especially for women.

Making Moves with Mentorship at The Mill!

A mentor is a guiding light in every person’s career and offers invaluable support. The Mill Bangalore Women’s Mentoring Program began in 2020 with the ambition of supporting and bolstering the professional confidence of the mentees. The initiative offers women in the advertising India studio with a leader as a mentor from other studio locations across the globe. Over the last three years, more than 25 women have benefited from this mentorship program. We are focusing on these mentorship pairs across March and encourage more people to engage in formal and informal mentorships to help bring more women into the fold of the VFX and Animation industry.

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