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The Little Prince marks Mikros Animation’s first collaboration on an international project


The Little Prince, Mikros Animations's first international project becomes the most successful French feature animation abroad.


Mark Osborne


Paramount Pictures Studios and Warner Bros. Pictures

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Mikros Animation


The Little Prince, an animated film directed by Mark Osborne, is an adaptation of the classic tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and was released in Québec in February 2016. The film made ​​its international debut in 2015 and was an instant success, grossing nearly $90 million USD at the box office. Continuing its global success, the animated feature will debut in theaters in other Canadian provinces in March. Technicolor provided color finishing, online editing, and packaging of the animated feature film.

As a part of the creative team at Technicolor, colorist Anne Boyle describes her experience working on the animated feature:

“As soon as I met Mark Osborne, I knew I would be part of a unique project. The spirit around the movie The Little Prince has touched everyone who has contributed to the film. The Little Prince has a brave stylistic approach in that it utilizes a mix of live action and stop motion animation. We were pulling in shots and sequences right until the last minute on this 2D-3D project. It needed a very robust and flexible workflow to meet the deadlines and allow for the last minute changes. I have worked with the online editor and stenographer, Mathieu Beausoleil. He and I had the chance to collaborate with the director of stereography, John Brooks on the 3D. It was a great opportunity for us to work with someone so talented and progressive in the field. “

The Little Prince was produced by Les Films Séville in Quebec and Kaibou Productions and the animation was produced by Mikros Image Montreal and ToutTenKartoon. Mikros is a Technicolor company and part of their portfolio of creative studios that serve the entertainment industry. Netflix recently acquired the rights to release The Little Prince and will stream the title on their platform in the United States later this year.


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