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The rise of the empathetic manager

July 9, 2022

Written by Global Head of Talent Aquisition at Technicolor Creative Studios, Christina Zervos

The past couple of years have been challenging to say the least, and it’s no surprise that people are emotionally exhausted! The chronic stress of the pandemic has influenced our brains, and we find ourselves having to cope with increased mental health issues on top of dealing with our day-to-day. 

 With our lives and work turned upside down, it’s evident that old-school management practices aren’t working, and our way forward is continuing to destigmatize and invest in mental health within our organizations; a no-brainer considering declining mental health directly affects a company’s bottom line.   

The Great Resignation is proof that gone are the days of “one size fits all” policies. The key is to provide leadership with the empathy skills that help foster a culture that doesn’t create unnecessary anxiety on top of what people are already dealing with.  

Empathy has always been a critical skill for leaders but has taken on a new level of meaning and priority in our present day. Empathetic Managers equate to happier employees, which in turn increases loyalty and retention. Those who don’t have empathy tend to misread people, not ask questions to clarify and ignore the cues, leading to people looking for work elsewhere.  

Empathy is connecting with people, so we know we’re not alone when we’re in struggle. It puts them on the same team with shared feelings. Instead of trying to fix it by offering a different perspective, the fix is to assure the other person that those feelings are valid and that they are not alone. That is what differentiates empathy vs. sympathy. 

Dr. Brené Brown

 As we push forward, one thing we need to keep reminding ourselves is understanding the skill of empathy starts with self-awareness. We can’t share a resource that we lack ourselves with others, so be sure to ask yourself – How am I doing? What do I need to stay grounded? And ask for help when you need it! Almost everyone needs the opportunity to give and get support, so make sure you and your team have the resources needed and make self-care a regular topic of conversation. 

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