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The Mill produces audiovisual and interactive content for the Cité internationale de la langue française

November 8, 2023

Mill+, the production and experiences department of The Mill – a Technicolor Creative Studios Group brand – joined forces with Ilusio – a digital scenography agency – to create 60 audiovisual and interactive installations for the permanent tour of the Cité internationale de la langue française in Villers-Cotterêts – inaugurated on 30 October by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

As the inaugural cultural institution fully devoted to the French language, the Cité internationale de la langue française is hosted within the historic Château de Villers-Cotterêts, where in 1539 François I declared French as the official language. The project was initiated by President Emmanuel Macron and entrusted to the Centre des Monuments Nationaux (National Monument Center)

The Mill+ and Ilusio consortium, known for their work on mediation devices for Hôtel de la Marine, Muséoparc Alésia, and the Cité du vin de Bordeaux, were selected for their technical excellence and creative abilities to develop innovative formats. Each creation resulted from a collaborative effort between the Mill+ and Ilusio writers and directors, the project management, the supervising team (Projectile & Lundi 8), and the members of the scientific committee. Together, they developed engaging and accessible concepts to narrate the French language and Francophonie through various themes.

Hugues Allart and Maud Chirat, Producers at Mill+, stated, “Our mission is to transform concepts into tangible and captivating experiences for the public. This project provided us with the unique opportunity to demonstrate the depth of our expertise on an exciting topic: the French language. It stands as the most extensive production experience we’ve embarked on to date. Over a span of almost two years and a half, we successfully rallied and guided a diverse team to craft 60 ingenious and entertaining installations. We trust that the public enjoys discovering this immersive journey into the essence of the French language as we derived from bringing it to life.”

Julia Guglielmi, Digital Mediation Project Manager, said, “I had the privilege of joining the Centre des Monuments Nationaux team in the project concluding year. When dealing with digital installations, the foremost consideration is how they will be perceived by the public upon completion. Each content piece is designed to be simultaneously entertaining and inclusive for diverse audiences, spanning from, academics, and foreigners’ visitors. I take immense pride in the achievements resulting from our collaborative efforts with the CNM, The Mill, and Ilusio teams. It has been challenging endeavor, and we are looking forward to receiving feedback from the public.”

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