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The Academy | Meet Sachin Soni, Principle trainer

August 24, 2022

Hi Sachin! Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Hi I am Sachin Soni and I come from a small city, Indore. I started my career with Jadoo Works Studio who was working on the Higgly Town Heros Disney Show. I have experience in Production on many awarded shows and in Academies. This blended experience makes me unique in terms of having hands on knowledge and experience in training at the same time. Currently, I am working with Technicolor as a Principal Trainer.

I have also produced awarded short films with my student team. In my entire career, I have trained more than 5000 students, many of them working with Technicolor as Lead, Supervisor etc.

What drew you to Principle training?

I believe in exploring many areas of VFX & CG and have always had the chance to work in different departments. This has given me loads of valuable experiences to become a strong Generalist. Overall, I think knowledge sharing is the best way of teaching and allows a new generation to work in the industry. I also enjoy teaching.

How would you explain what a Principle trainer is to someone who had never heard of it?

A Principal Trainer is a tough role. You need to be able to multitask and contribute in different areas. Similar to a Generalist, who is specialized in different areas of production, creative, technical and management as well. So with that being said, a Principal Trainer is the complete package. This role demands you to train people, develop content, create training videos, aid your co-workers & production team who are already doing a fantastic job with new technology etc.

Talk us through one or two of your favorite projects from Technicolor Creative Studios

I have worked in many areas and have enjoyed working on so many different projects. But If I had to choose a film it would have to be Lion King. I love it the most because it is something unique to me. It mimics the real world, making it believable. Not only in one aspect but overall. It is truly a blend of creative talent and science.

What sort of existing skills should someone have before joining your course at The Academy?

Academies are taught by our highly experienced trainers and include daily feedback to develop skills, so before joining The Academy someone needs to know their strong areas. They also need to be able to identify their weaknesses. They need to be ready to fully utilise all knowledge shared in The Academy.

What’s your favorite thing about being part of The Academy?

Working independently and making your own decisions gives you creative freedom which I I enjoy here.

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