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The Academy | Meet Lighting Trainer, Annick Harmel Tourneur

July 29, 2022

Hi Annick! We hear you’re new to The Academy. Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Hi! I have been in the CG/movie industry for over 20 years, I was hired at Alias/Wavefront before the first release of Maya in 1998.  I have loved working in the industry since then, it’s fast paced, it has amazing projects and people – and of course it’s a great opportunity to travel and see the world.

What drew you to Lighting?

Actually, I would say Lighting found me.  When I first started working, I was a Character Rigger.  Back then there weren’t many artists that knew Maya, so after the character rigging was done on the movie I was on I was offered to move into the Lighting department to help out. Very quickly, I found I had an ease for it. I got great feedback from everyone and quickly was getting more and more complicated shots.  So I ended up sticking to it.

How would you explain what Lighting is to someone who had never heard of it?

I would say if a movie is putting up a puppet show, then the lighting department sets the tone and mood.  It’s also the department that gathers all the work from the upstream artist and brings everything together to make it into images. 

Talk us through one or two of your favourite projects from Technicolor Creative Studios and explain why you’ve chosen them 

My favorite project was Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022)! It was an amazing project with great lighting moods and of course an amazing team. We really felt we could be creative and have fun and of course the characters are so cute and funny.

What sort of existing skills should someone have before joining the Lighting course at The Academy?

Besides a basic 3D skills like Maya, it helps to have some photography experience.  You can learn a lot about good lighting and a keen eye with just a camera and a few lights.

What’s your favourite thing about being part of The Academy?

I love that it is open to everyone and it gives opportunities to all equally.  I love seeing nationalities and minorities that are not well represented in the industry.   We are stronger with diverse backgrounds and experiences and sensitivities; the Academy makes that happen every day.  

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