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The Academy | Meet Jacob Fradkin, Animation Trainer 

August 18, 2022

Hi Jacob! Can you tell us a bit about your background? 

Hi! I’ve been in the industry for 11 years. I got my start at a small studio in Maryland called Bully, before moving to MPC NY, where I spent the majority of my career working in commercial advertising. A few years ago I moved to freelance, jumping around to explore different companies, working on everything from commercials to TV, film, and training videos.

What drew you to Animation? 

I’ve always loved cartoons and Stop Motion. Growing up, Saturday mornings were my favorite time of the week. It always fascinated me that you could take pictures or drawings and trick people into thinking they were alive. Then the Claymation short, Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers, was what really made me want to pursue Animation. One time after they aired on tv, there was a behind-the-scenes special and it felt like the people who made Wallace and Gromit were just playing with toys. I thought, that’s a job? What could be better! 

How would you explain what Animation is to someone who had never heard of it? 

A series of pictures that when flipped through, looks like it’s moving and alive. 

Talk us through one or two of your favorite projects from Technicolor Creative Studios and explain why you’ve chosen them  

Godzilla vs Kong was a blast! Both Godzilla and Kong I thought were done so well. They looked like they fit right into the world and then you could feel the power behind their performance as they destroyed it.  The whole team behind that movie did an amazing job bringing them to life. 

What sort of existing skills should someone have before joining the Animation course at The Academy? 

Animation is tough and takes a lot of dedication.  It’s important to love it if you’re going to pursue it.  You need to be willing to take the time to learn and grow as well.  Animation isn’t something you can master over a few months, but years. With that said, an understanding of the 12 Animation principles is key for entering the course.  An eye for detail is important as well, and that’s one of the things we try to grow throughout the course.    

What’s your favorite thing about being part of The Academy? 

I remember the feeling when I first joined the industry, and how much I learned over the years from the amazing people I worked with.  It’s exciting to see the passion from Animators in the academy, and I love being able to help push them and share any knowledge I can.  There’s some great talent that comes through and can’t wait to see what they work on in the future. 

What kind of activities do you do outside of work? 

I enjoy baking and cooking in my free time.  Especially making Pizza!  Food is a different outlet for creativity and a nice change, stepping away from the computer to make something tangible.   

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