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Technicolor India Shines at CII Summit FX 2023 with Innovations and Expertise

August 17, 2023

The recent CII Summit FX 2023 witnessed Technicolor India making remarkable strides by contributing valuable insights that illuminate the path for advancing the Audio-Visual Gaming and Computing (AVGC) sector in India. This summit is renowned for uniting industry frontrunners, visionaries, and specialists to deliberate and collaborate on emerging trends, prospects, and challenges spanning diverse sectors. It holds a pivotal position in India’s business arena.

Eminent figures from Animation, Visual Effects (VFX), and Gaming industries actively participated in the summit, divulging insights into the evolving landscape, upcoming trends, and the promising avenues awaiting India’s AVGC sector. They also envisioned strategies for the sector’s future growth and prosperity.

Igniting New Narratives

Technicolor India leveraged the CII Summit FX 2023 as a prime platform to showcase their cutting-edge solutions, share their perspectives on emerging trends within the industry, and engage in meaningful dialogues with fellow stakeholders. Through illuminating panel discussions and networking opportunities, Technicolor India not only demonstrated their technological prowess but also absorbed wisdom from other industry pacesetters. This has paved the way for collaborative ventures that nurture innovation and expansion.

Conversations encompassed the importance of a National Centre of Excellence, the potential of Indian intellectual property on a global scale, the art of effectively distributing locally produced content internationally, and the surge of immersive experiences driven by creative technology. The overarching theme “Create in India for the World” resonated deeply with attendees and garnered significant attention. Technicolor India received widespread acclaim for their invaluable contributions to the Indian industry, receiving commendation from government bodies and educational institutions alike.

Biren Ghose, Chair of CII’s National AVGC Committee and leading figure of CII Summit FX, spearheaded discussions pertaining to national policies and the envisioned establishment of a “Centre of Excellence.” Numerous panels were enriched with captivating visuals and insightful inputs from top executives representing Technicolor India’s brands. The event showcased the impressive portfolio of feature films from Mikros Animation, while MPC highlighted their exceptional achievements in VFX for both cinematic and television productions. Additionally, The Mill showcased top-tier game trailers and captivating brand experiences, leaving a lasting impact.

Presence of over 75 senior executives spanning diverse industries, along with notable figures from the technology and talent sectors, underscored the significance of the summit. Government officials, experts, and professionals alike recognized the valuable insights offered by the leaders representing Technicolor India.

Cultivating Creativity and Innovation

Within the summit’s framework, Technicolor India seized the opportunity to illuminate emerging prospects within the AVGC industry, shedding light on its current state and potential avenues. They highlighted how immersive technologies are revolutionizing user experiences and forging new pathways for storytelling and engagement through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Additionally,

Technicolor showcased their unwavering commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological innovation and its transformative potential. Their dedication to enhancing the VFX and Animation industry’s landscape remains steadfast, as they continue to craft visually and emotionally captivating narratives.

MPC, in a unique masterclass, delved into the horror-comedy “Bhediya,” showcasing their mastery in high-end visual effects. The masterclass effectively demonstrated MPC’s finesse in seamlessly blending technical excellence with creative storytelling, emphasizing their pivotal role in the project’s success.

Empowering India’s Cultural Influence

With the AVGC domain undergoing rapid transformations, it’s evident that Technicolor’s contributions will wield a significant influence in fostering creativity, enhancing storytelling, and propelling technological advancements to new heights of excellence.

As a global powerhouse in the entertainment realm, Technicolor holds the potential to inspire Indian creatives to explore diverse avenues of storytelling, drawing inspiration from an array of cultures and genres. This exchange of ideas promises to enrich the content landscape, laying the foundation for crafting distinctive narratives that captivate audiences worldwide.

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