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Our presence at CII Summit FX India 2022

September 13, 2022

CII Summit FX 2022 was an opportunity for the AVGC community to celebrate the industry’s legacy and future. With panels featuring our thought leadership and key talent, Technicolor Creative Studios, India played a key role at the summit. As a pioneer in the industry, we shared unique insights into the spectrum of cutting-edge projects our creative talent works on, from gaming and animation to VFX for the biggest global advertisement, episodic, and feature projects.

The conference featured sessions with company leadership and talent including Biren Ghose, Country Head, Technicolor India; Shajy Thomas, Regional Head of Technology – Asia Pacific, Technicolor; Vishwas Deep, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Technicolor; Bhanu Prakash, Head of Creative Operations, Technicolor Games; Manoj A Menon, Creative Director, Mikros Animation; Leon Christian, Head of Creative – Operations, Mikros Animation; Sandeep Sharma, Head of Academies- India, Technicolor; Devrishi Chatterjee, Supervisor, Composting, MPC and Manideep Sanisetty, Senior Artist, The Mill. 

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National AVGC Centre of Excellence & National AVGC Policy – Government Vision & Roadmap

A panel discussion led by Biren Ghose, Country Head, Technicolor India discussed the content behemoth India is becoming. Rising broadband connectivity, falling bandwidth prices, cheaper smartphones, and greater penetration of devices has resulted in an explosion in companies involved in Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics (AVGC). As part of the discussion, the panelists examined AVGC from various perspectives, including a center of excellence proposal, a national policy, and the perspectives of the various ministries involved.

Biren Ghose, Country Head, Technicolor Creative Studios, spoke about the significance of the summit. “Events like this reinforce the idea that media and entertainment is a relationship business. CII Summit FX, the country’s first national event, also fulfills the social need of the AVGC sector by bringing a confluence of thought and achievement across the different verticals in ways that demonstrate how the ‘sum of parts’ makes for a better whole. The event unveiled the tremendous amount of thought leadership that has helped shape a draft National AVGC Policy which has been authored by a task force comprising leaders across government and industry. From start-ups to global majors, from Oscar-winning backstories to original Indian IP; from commercial successes to creating social impact. We are proud to participate and demonstrate what we have produced for the world by building value and scale to the ‘Make in India’ campaign of our country.”  

Skilling India for AVGC and Education Imperatives for AVGC

Sandeep Sharma, Technicolor’s Head of Academies, and Vishwas Deep, Technicolor’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition along with industry stalwarts discussed the AVGC Education Sub-Group’s role in examining what the government plans to do on this front and industry views.

Vishwas Deep, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Technicolor Creative Studios, spoke to the existing landscape, “The AVGC industry is at a critical juncture at the moment, as the demand for content is ever increasing. The industry is at the same stage as the IT industry was around 20 years ago. India, with its vast potential, pool of workforce, and eagerness to learn is uniquely poised to become a significant player in the global arena. I look forward to the knowledge transfers and exchange of best practices with colleagues from the industry and the education sector at the summit, as we endeavour to help the industry grow rapidly and sustainably.”  

Technology for Content Creation, Virtual Production and Technology to Create Story Worlds

Shajy Thomas, Regional Head of Technology – Asia Pacific, Technicolor moderated two sessions on Day 2 in which panelists discussed the key challenges and requirements of the Media & Entertainment industry and how technology can assist this industry in accelerating its rapid growth. As part of the discussion, the panelists also discussed how technology innovations could be leveraged across all industries. “There is a need for the studios to adapt to the newer technologies like cloud, emerging and immersive technology, AIML, automation, workflow, and business process. We need to work closely with the technology players so we can create a platform and ecosystem that will benefit the country and the industry. All those who participated in this event made it a memorable one by contributing to shaping India’s development journey and transforming Indian industry,” said Shajy Thomas.

The Making of a Global VFX Block-bluster

Devrishi Chatterjee and Manideep Sanishetty shared fascinating breakdowns on award-winning global projects that were worked on by the teams in India. The session on ‘Global IP – Made in India’ featured great insights into intellectual property made in India, as Manoj A Menon, Leon Christian and Bhanu Prakash discussed how India has a constantly upskilling talent pool which is contributing to the success of global stories.

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