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Our Legacy is Our Future | Jeaneane Falkler, President of Games 

July 22, 2022

We reached out to our senior leadership team across Technicolor Creative Studios on the projects that they think played a part on building our legacy, and why they are the key to our future. Here’s what President of Games, Jeaneane Falkler had to say: 

Choose the project you feel helped most to build the legacy of Technicolor Creative Studios and tell us about why it’s special to you and to the company? 

This is hard to do for just one project. I think our 14 to 15 year long relationships really speaks to the quality of the work by the team, year after year after year. Producing Art for Electronic Arts for each FIFA iteration since 2008 is a testament to our strong collaborative relationship. 

How is this project relevant to the future of Technicolor Creative Studios?  

Relevant to transmedia. The Mill produced an experiential piece for FIFA. We are seeing more and more games IP successfully produced across film, TV, and experiential. There is no other company that can currently do this. We’ve also had success with Sega IP; Technicolor Games is about to start work with both Sega US and Sega of Europe. 

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