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Monthly rewind: New Mumbai Studio, World VFX Day, 2023 Showreels and more.

November 1, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that last month, we opened a new Technicolor Creative Studio office in the heart of Mumbai. The new state-of-the-art facility provides more than just workspaces; it’s an opportunity to experience creativity and innovation like never before as we combine new-age technologies with forward-thinking ideas.

In October we also welcomed a new annual day celebration, which casts a light on the VFX industry and recognizes and showcases VFX talent, projects and beyond. ‘World VFX Day’ will be celebrated on December 8th and our studios are excited to be part of the new industry collective.

Take a look at what else our studios have been up to this month👇 


Our MPC team showcased their stunning film and episodic VFX work, crafted by their team of talented artists, production crew, software developers, and support teams. The latest reel highlights MPC’s contribution to a range of blockbuster projects, including Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Prehistoric Planet, Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers, The Little Mermaid, NOPE, and many more. Take a look below!

MPC 2023 Showreel

If you just can’t get enough of MPC‘s behind-the-scenes, we have more in store for you! Check out our VFX & Visualization breakdowns round-up, which unveils the secrets behind creating breathtaking scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce that The Animal Kingdom has won the award for the Best Special Effects, Visuals or Makeup at the SOFC at the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia 2023 👏

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The Mill

The Mill follows suit with 9 shortlisted projects at the Kinsale Shark Awards and 3 wins for:

Trust Journey | Silver | Best CGI & Visual Effects

Netflix ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ | Bronze | Title Sequence

Burger King ‘Whooper King Royal’ | Bronze | Title Sequence

Further congratulations are in order, as 11 projects have been shortlisted at the Ciclope Awards, and 2 have been shortlisted at the Clio Entertainment Awards. Good luck to our teams!

On top of numerous shortlisted projects, this month we saw the release of some incredible new adverts including:

💥 EE

The UK’s biggest and fastest mobile network, EE, is broadening its horizons from traditional telecommunications services, and transforming this household brand ready for a new and exciting era as the UK’s largest subscription business.

Built on the fundamental ambition to become the most personal and customer-focused technology brand in the UK, EE shares this news with the nation in the biggest brand campaign the business has embarked on since it first launched in 2012. The Mill, in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi and Love Song, is on the front line, making all of this possible.

💥 MSG Sphere

For the grand opening of the massive Madison Square Garden Sphere in Las Vegas, artist and director Marco Brambilla creates a monumental artwork paying homage to the rock legend Elvis Presley, visually orchestrated by Stéphane Pivron and Alexis Baillia, VFX Supervisors at The Mill in Paris. To crown the event, the legendary Irish band U2 will take the Sphere stage for the first time. The promise of an unforgettable evening blending art, music, and cutting-edge technology.

💥 Jean Paul Gaultier’s Divine

The Mill Paris team has once again partnered with François Rousselet, Puig Group, and Jean Paul Gaultier to craft a captivating Divine campaign. Featuring the magnetic Yara Shahidi, an actress, model, and activist, this campaign embodies a femininity that is unconditionally free and wonderfully diverse.

At its core lies a notable technical challenge: the creation of a bottle, a central element. During filming, the use of a real bottle, held by the actress, added authenticity, facilitating its subsequent replacement with a 3D model. The integration of the boat and the ocean was then achieved through the proficient application of computer-generated imagery (CGI), imparting an exceptional artistic and technical dimension to the production.

The Divine campaign stands as the culmination of an outstanding creative collaboration offering an unforgettable visual experience and celebrating diverse and empowered femininity.

💥 Google Creative Lab Best Phones Forever

The Mill Design Studio partnered with Google on their innovative global campaign, titled “Best Phones Forever,” showcasing a distinctive and playful bond of two very recognizable smartphones, the Pixel and iPhone. From art direction, design and build of environments, compositing, matte painting and colour The Mill brought together select capabilities to serve as an extension of Google’s in-house team across 5 hero spots.

💥 Google Pixel Fold

The Mill, collaborated with global tech leader Google to launch the Google Pixel Fold. This meticulously planned campaign, executed across New York City’s prime locations, achieved an unparalleled reach, captivating over 60 million potential consumers. The campaign’s backbone consisted of 25 strategically positioned digital screens, from high-traffic zones in New York City’s major transportation hubs to the commercial epicenter of Times Square. Each screen was not just a display but a testament to the power of innovative marketing combined with cutting-edge technology.

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Mikros Animation

On October 27th we celebrated World Animation Day! To celebrate our Mikros Animation teams spoke to some of our talented Animators about their love for the industry. Take a look 👇

World Animation Day

To top the celebrations, our Mikros Animation team will be front and center at the World Animation Summit from November 1st. We have several talks lined up for you, and we’re thrilled to be the hosts of the closing night’s Cocktail Party where we’ll celebrate an incredible year of work. Check out the full speaker line-up here.

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Technicolor Games

Over in the Gaming world, Technicolor Games welcomes two new leadership appointments: Paul Houlders as VP, Global Head of Art and Eric Williams, VP of Business Development. Welcome to the team!

Technicolor Games‘s longstanding relationship with EA is reinforced with the release of EA NHL 24 & EA UFC 5 this month. Take a peek at the gameplay trailers below 👇


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