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Inside Scoop | Sarankumar N, Executive Producer

January 3, 2023

Inside Technicolor offers a glimpse of what it’s like to work with our fascinating team. Read more on what Sarankumar N, Executive Producer in Bangalore, has to say about his role, the excitement he feels working on diverse projects, and how OTT business scripts are changing the entertainment landscape.

What excites you the most about working at Mikros Animation?

Our leadership in the cockpit nourishes a one team culture throughout Mikros, which allows us to take the heavyweight business to fantastic heights. One of the most exciting aspects of being here is that we get to work on internationally known, amazing, animated characters. There is no end to the opportunities to create and perform in this sphere. The work environment has given me absolute freedom to thrive and lead, which is why so many of us have a long tenure with the company.  

Are there any trends in the industry inspiring you right now?

 In my opinion, the OTT business script is changing the game, which is great for the entertainment industry. This can certainly diversify the production business across the globe to have more range. Eventually, the winners will be chosen by their performance and legacy. The growth can be phenomenal after the current consolidation period. I have observed a lot of potential franchise properties are discussed today, compared to earlier in my career. I am glad that Mikros is on the front-line of animation to bring home the best of these and I’m excited to see what comes next for us.  

Tell us about your favorite project from Technicolor & why you’ve chosen it?

It’s hard to say, all the projects are special to me. But I can highlight a recent one, ‘The Croods: Family Tree’, one of many excellent and creatively challenging projects our team has worked on. The show was a spin-off from the movie by DreamWorks and the Mikros team did a terrific job delivering the project on time with top-notch quality. Also, I cannot finish my list of favorites from 2022 without mentioning Nickelodeon’s ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ and Disney’s ‘Mickey Mouse Fun House’. The quality levels are exemplary for different age groups across the globe. I love them too.  I have never chosen to work on a particular project, but I was always chosen. These one were no different. It may have been ‘The Law of Attraction’, which works out very well for me! A huge thanks to all our client partners and the Mikros team for setting wonderful benchmarks on these collaborations.  

How did you get into the animation and VFX industry?

I planned to be a film director at a young age and started as an assistant in the Direction department in live-action TV serial productions. Later, I realised being a producer was the perfect fit for me and founded a production company with my sibling where we produced live action tele series for the Indian audience. I am sure cartoon animation is embedded into every creative person’s DNA as it was for me. You cannot escape from this inclination and must live with it forever. I am very lucky to carry it with me, and there is no cure too!  

My entrepreneurial side has always driven me to manage my creative side to be a successful producer. I’ve been in a producer role for more than a decade in the Animation and VFX industry now. I’m fortunate to have a great environment around me always. It keeps me as fresh as when I began my career in this industry in the late 1990s. A lot of it is thanks to all my partners, colleagues and friends who have provided continuous support.  

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