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Inside Scoop | Sam Talwalkar, Head of Production

December 5, 2022

Inside Technicolor offers a glimpse of what it’s like to work with our fascinating team. Hear what Sam Talwalkar, Head of Production in Bangalore has to say about his role, what excites him about working with Technicolor, and what motivated him to pursue a career in visual effects. 

Hi Sam, tell us about your role at The Mill!

My role involves working with a wide range of stakeholders, which include global sites and creative teams in order to deliver pixel-perfect images to our clients around the world. In addition, I am also responsible for developing and implementing engagement activities with our diverse team here in Bangalore, including energizing and motivating them through training and fun activities. 

How did you get into the visual effects industry?

I began my career in visual effects on the live-action side. I started as a video editor, working on long and short-form content. Editing the VFX sequences allowed me to gain a better understanding of how VFX sequences are captured. Then I underwent training in Cinematography and this gave me a chance to supervise the VFX setups on set. Eventually, after going back to studying and graduating from the Sydney Film School I began producing commercials. Through a few CG and VFX-heavy commercials, I gained insights into how technology, creativity, and storytelling can be fused to convey a powerful message.  

What excited you the most about working with Technicolor? 

The Culture. A culture like this takes a lot of hard work to develop. So when I finally found it, I decided that this is where I see myself going forward for a long time. Technicolor is very active about diversity in every form and actively practices it. And of course, the cutting-edge visual quality that Technicolor provides to its clients makes the company as exciting as it is dynamic. My passion for this business is continually renewed by seeing those pixels come to life in commercials and stories. 

Tell us about your favorite project from The Mill?

Choosing a favourite project is hard, but the award-winning Burberry ‘Open Spaces‘ ad stands out the most for me. Our team worked on digital-matte painting, compositing, and set extensions. We all loved working on this project because it was very challenging and fun at the same time. Even though we encountered initial challenges, we found creative solutions and delivered on time and beyond quality expectations. A project like this binds us together globally as a very strong team that believes in excellence and inspires us to march forward to more iconic work. 

The ad swept up 5 Stars, Ad of the Week and Work of the Week from Campaign Magazine UK, Adweek, The Drum & David Reviews.

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