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Inside Scoop | Rajarajan Ramakrishnan, Creative Director

August 30, 2022

Hi Rajarajan, talk us through your role at Technicolor Creative Studios.

I’ve worked for Technicolor for almost 13 years and it’s been a fantastic journey.  I’ve had a few different roles whilst within the company and I’ve worked my way up to the position I am today as a Creative Director. The variety of projects makes it an extremely rewarding experience and a great place to work.

What are your predictions for the world of VFX in 5 years?  

I believe the role of AI and the breakthrough in photorealism and technology will play a huge role in VFX in the next 5 years. There will be a lot of interesting development around them both and this will enable the artists to perform their roles even more efficiently and concentrate more on the creative side of things.

Talk us through an example working day for you?

We have a saying within the industry ‘the sun never sets.’

My day starts early. Before I get into the office, I’m checking emails. When I get to work, we normally start off by having our senior management catch up. In this meeting, we go through the most important tasks of the day and plan ahead. Because we are dealing with multiple shows at once, we make sure we are all up to date. In order for us to be ready to achieve all our goals, we think about how we can help others to excel in their job – do the artists have everything that they need?

There are so many parts of my role that no day is the same. From having calls with different departments in many different locations to project planning. My role starts operationally and ends with planning and preparing for the global teams.

Tell us about your favourite project from Technicolor & why you’ve chosen it?

There are so many projects that I want to pick. Each show is different and brings so much excitement so I can’t pick one, it’s difficult to just pick one. But what I do love is the process of creating the projects.

Working with the artists and seeing the delivery gives me satisfaction. I can’t highlight one show, in particular, each show is unique and special to me.

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