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Inside Scoop | Kiran Kumar, Head of Creative Operations

May 26, 2023

Our latest look inside Technicolor spotlights Kiran Kumar V, Head of Creative Operations at MPC, India. Find out how Kiran has had a significant impact on our organization as a result of his exceptional expertise and passion for the creative industry, and how he has motivated and inspired our talented artists, contributing to the development of an environment that fosters innovation.

Can you talk us through your role at MPC?

At MPC, I am primarily responsible for ensuring that shows are delivered as smoothly as possible. I also oversee certain departments, ensuring that they are supported at a best delivery readiness level. And having been a part of this industry for more than 20 years helps in hiring talent across the departments, often.

How did you get into the visual effects industry?

This happened totally by accident. I initially wanted to be a scriptwriter for ad films. Then I wanted to be a 2D animator. A chance encounter with someone in the industry, led to an internship in a studio that did lots of CGI. After dabbling in a lot of projects as a 3D generalist, I found my calling in animation and rigging. Later, being a part of show deliveries, helped gain insight into the entire VFX process.

What are your predictions for the world of VFX in 5 years? 

Exciting as always! Every show is different! Every shot and build are different! I see a lot of evolution in technology, for example unreal in real time development. There is a huge learning here.

Talk us through an example working day for you?

I spend the first hour in checking emails. Then i have my calendar set up for the priority shows on delivery mode! Some of them could be running smoothly, and some could need a lot more attention. I also spend a lot of time doing floor walks, interacting with artists. Staying connected with artists always give me an adrenaline rush. There are always cross site discussions with the creatives and production! And it’s always a pleasure to drop by reviews and see images come to life!

Tell us about your favourite project from MPC & why you’ve chosen it?

That would be 1917! I have been a war movie buff all my life. “Guns of Navarone” was my favourite war movie as a kid. The concept of single shot coverage in 1917 is exciting!

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