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Andrea Miloro and Lori Wong take a trip to the Mikros Animation studio in India

November 1, 2022

October heralded an uplifting time at Mikros Animation’s Bangalore studio. 

Andrea Miloro, President of Mikros Animation, and Lori Wong, Vice President, spent a week getting to know artists on the floor and meeting the studio leadership. The visit provided great opportunities to connect with the Mikros departments, including animation, lighting and compositing, production, technology, and more. These key in-person meetings with core team members and chats with artists on the floor offered many lively moments, including a flash mob! 

An all-hands gathering was one of the highlights of the week, where the crew celebrated the excellence of the shining stars in the Mikros family. Over 200 people were awarded in recognition of their stellar contributions, a true testament to the passion and creativity of the talent at the studio. It was also an evening spent reflecting on the work done over the last year, from unforgettable franchises like Star Trek: Prodigy and Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, to exciting new feature projects such as Ozi: Voice of the Forest.  

The visit also featured a tree-planting session. Andrea and Lori planted two unique trees, which will continue to brighten up the view outside the studio. Throughout the visit, the sense of reunion was ever-present, and it was a treat for everyone to be together to discuss the past and, more importantly, the future of Mikros Animation. Hundreds of the Mikros crew gathered on the last day of Andrea and Lori’s stay in India for a special team photo (pictured above).

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