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60 seconds with Pratik Paithankar, Academy Trainer

December 15, 2022

This series gives us an insight into the varied and colorful roles at Technicolor Creative Studios. Spotlighting our talent and bringing their story to the center stage.

Hi Pratik, tell us about how you got into your role as an Academy Trainer?

I have been a Tech Anim Trainer at The Academy for 6 months. I feel training has been more interactive than an Artist role. It is a new career dimension for me, I believe our skillset and abilities grow with sharing the knowledge. My journey in VFX started in 2012 as a CFX Artist, with projects including Sandman (Netflix), Slumberland and Troll Hunters.

Share your favorite project across Technicolor Creative Studios and why?

My all-time favorite will be Lion King. Although I have not contributed to the project, it is special because I admire all the efforts that the teams have put into making it feel so amazing. I have a passion for grooming and the variety of creatures and grooming in The Lion King is something that I love the most.

What’s your favorite thing about this time of year, fondest memory or something that brings you joy?

I would say, Cricket. Being here in Australia I got an unbelievable experience of watching the T20 World Cup, straight from the stands! On a good sunny evening we play on the greens with colleagues. Feels good to be playing again after 15 years.

What have you learnt this year that you’ll take with you in 2023?

I have learned to be patient in challenging situations. I feel being patient improves your thinking process toward solving a problem.

And what one thing do you want to pick up or stop doing?

Definitely, I should stop staying up late at night and I would love to pick up Tennis as it is something that I love watching. It would be fun to learn. Difficult but interesting.

Spread some festive joy by calling out someone in your team who deserves the recognition and why.

I would firstly like to appreciate the whole Training team. Everyone I interact with is welcoming and happy to help. Cheers! If I had to name one person, it would be Priyank Jain. He is very cooperative in any given circumstance. Thank you for being so grateful!

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