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60 seconds with Ellie Cho, Lighting Trainer

December 22, 2022

This series gives us an insight into the varied and colorful roles at Technicolor Creative Studios. Spotlighting our talent and bringing their story to the center stage.

Hi Ellie, tell us about how you got into your role as a Lighting Trainer at The Academy?

I’ve been at Technicolor Creative Studios for about 7 months now 😊 I first started teaching part time at a school while I was working as a lighting artist in the industry and I really enjoyed it. It eventually led me here because I came across this opportunity through a colleague!

My role as a lighting trainer at The Academy is to help future lighting artists develop their skills and their demo reel, to set expectations of what the industry and job will be like, and to prepare them to be able to work right away from their first day in the studios.

What’s your favorite festive project at Technicolor Creative Studios?

My favorite film has to be Detective Pikachu because it was my first show ever in the industry and it was also my first show when I worked at MPC. It was such a fun show to work on and also a very challenging show at the same time because everything was new to me. I really learned a lot and all the Pokémons were so cute!

What’s your favorite thing about this time of year, fondest memory or something that brings you joy?

My favorite things about this time of the year are all the Christmas songs and decorations. I love going outside for a walk with my dog and seeing all the Christmas lights 😊 It also brings me back to the times when I used to have so much fun playing in the snow and skating on the frozen lakes.

What have you learnt this year that you’ll take with you in 2023?

I learned that life never goes according to plan and we don’t need to stress so much about it. As long as you are putting in the effort to prepare yourself and be open to opportunities, opportunities will come your way. There’s no right or wrong path in life and everything is just part of the journey.

And what one thing do you want to pick up or stop doing?

I have been wanting to pick up scripting/Python for a while now and I would like to start learning this coming year. I view myself as more of an artistic lighting artist than a technical one and I want myself to be able to have both aspects.

Spread some festive joy by calling out someone in your team who deserves the recognition

I want to shout out to Taeyoung and Annick for being such great colleagues. They have helped me so much through this journey and I want to tell them that I really appreciate their support 😊

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