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Our Legacy is Our Future Series | Part 2: MPC

October 13, 2022

At Technicolor Creative Studios, we know Our Legacy is Our Future.

27th September 2022 was a major milestone in the company’s 107-year history, as Technicolor Creative Studios became a standalone business with a huge vision and exciting prospects for the future.

To celebrate this milestone, we speak to some of the people who work behind the scenes at our studio and take a look at MPC’s rich legacy of creativity and innovation.

With thanks to our featured speakers:

Tom Williams, President of MPC

Leah Beevers, SVP Creative Production

Adam Valdez, VFX Supervisor

Axel Bonami, VFX Supervisor

Patrick Smith, Head of Visualization

Kranti Sarma, Head of Studio, India

Beatrice Bauwens, SVP of Europe

Katie Hooten, SVP of Client Project Management

Brett Schroeder, Associate Head of Creative

Join us as they uncover the behind the scenes of projects such as The Jungle Book, The Lion King and 1917.

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