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MPC wins VES award for Best VFX for The Lion King 


The Lion King, a hyper-realistic reimagining of the Disney classic with visual effects work by Technicolor’s award-winning studio MPC

Recognised for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature and Outstanding Created Environment in a Photoreal Feature. The Lion King also won the award for Outstanding Cinematography in a CG Project.


Jon Favreau

MPC VFX Supervisor

Adam Valdez

MPC VFX Supervisor

Elliot Newman


Walt Disney Pictures

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MPC Filmography

As the sole provider of visual effects and animation, the team led by MPC VFX supervisors Adam Valdez and Elliot Newman worked closely with director Jon Favreau, and production VFX supervisor Rob Legato, ASC.

MPC were involved from the very beginning helping to plan new virtual production methodologies, travelling to Africa to capture reference material, and producing all VFX and Animation for The Lion King.

Twelve hundred MPC artists, representing more than 30 different nationalities, working across studios in London, Bangalore and Los Angeles. To build the CG environments, MPC Film travelled to Africa to reference photograph landscapes that covered 18,000km from north to south Kenya. The team took more than 240,000 photographs and 7,000 videos, assets used as references for MPC’s artists to build the movie’s stunning digital sets Animation Supervisors Andy Jones, Gabriele Zucchelli and Stephen Enticott and a team of 130 MPC Animators from 30 different nations brought the animals of The Lion King to life. A total of 42 hours 53 min of reference footage was captured in the Serengeti, from nature documentaries and Animal Kingdom. Animators in London, Los Angeles and Bangalore shared the goal of creating an emotional experience to match the original 1994 animated feature.

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